Vortrag: Porting PiggyMetrics from Spring Boot to MicroProfile

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PiggyMetrics is a popular open source end-to-end sample which demonstrates the use of Spring Boot and Spring Cloud features in a microservices-style application. Spring Boot and MicroProfile are popular competing frameworks for building apps in the cloud-native microservices style. Functionally, architecturally, and historically they have many things in common. From a business, economic and governance perspective they have significant differences. This session from Java Champions Ed Burns and Emily Jiang, respectively of Microsoft and IBM, briefly surveys the history and non-technical aspects in comparing the Spring Boot and MicroProfile stacks and then will take you through a real world case study based on PiggyMetrics. We will share our experience of porting it from Spring to MicroProfile.

PiggyMetrics models a personal finance application and uses cloud native microservices features such as externalized configuration, aggregate logs, service metrics, security propagation, and distributed tracing. The porting exercise utilizes MicroProfile features such as Config, Metrics, Health Check, Fault Tolerance, Open Tracing and JWT Propagation along with Jakarta CDI, REST and JSON Binding.

Join Ed and Emily for a fun and informative compare and contrast ride.


Tag: 17.03.2021
Anfangszeit: 17:00
Dauer: 00:40
Raum: STOCK’s
Track: Container, Cloud & Infrastruktur
Sprache: en



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