Vortrag: Microservices are the cause of Dependency Hell 2.0

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At the moment the programming community finally figured out how to do proper dependency management using Maven, Gradle or NPM, they found a new way to shoot themselves in the foot: microservices. You are correct in thinking that smaller applications typically have less dependency conflicts. But we now have a new, higher level of dependencies: those between microservices. How can you keep track of these dependencies? And more importantly, how can you stay in control?

And this is not the only new challenge. The carefully crafted tooling to ensure for example dependency convergence in your monolith has to be ported to your microservices build pipelines. And what to think about vulnerability scanning or license compliancy? A Docker image has more dependencies than it seems at first glance.

In this talk I'll discuss Dependency Management Best Practices and show how the lessons we have learned from ye ol' monolith days apply to microservices. Join me if you don't want to end up in Dependency Hell 2.0!


Tag: 17.03.2021
Anfangszeit: 09:00
Dauer: 00:40
Raum: Silverado (Hauptstudio)
Track: Container, Cloud & Infrastruktur
Sprache: en



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