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After the change from Jakarta EE to the Eclipse Foundation, the community has shown that it can deliver with Jakarta EE 8, 9 and soon 9.1. Now it is interesting to discuss what the future will bring, what involved developers and spec authors have experienced, and how good the tool coverage is. In this expert panel, we will take a look at all aspects of Jakarta EE from different points of view.

Panel with experts on the topic of Jakarta EE:
Emily Jiang (IBM; Jakarta Committer)
Markus Karg (Individual; JAX-RS Committer)
Ivar Grimstad (Eclipse Foundation)
Ondrej Mihályi (Payara; Jakarta Committer)
Jean-Louis Monteiro (Tomitribe; TCK Committer)
Jürgen Höller (VMware, Spring Framework project lead)
Moderation: Jan Westerkamp (delegate for the iJUG Eclipse Foundation membership)


Tag: 16.03.2021
Anfangszeit: 12:00
Dauer: 01:00
Raum: Unter den Linden
Track: Übergreifende Session
Sprache: en



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