Vortrag: How to grow an amazing community

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Nowadays, one of the most common tips Java Champions advise us in order to grow our career is to get involved in a developer community or even to create our own one.
But wait, how easy is it to actually create your own community? In this session Thodoris will share his experiences on growing Utrecht Java User Group and reaching a point where after 3 years, Utrecht JUG has 2500 registered members, has hosted more than 40 events and exceptional speakers (where among others, Uncle Bob and James Gosling), and running 3 programmes: Devoxx4kids, Speaker Incubator and uJCP. How did we make it to transform a local community to one of the most active JUGs in the world? What were the challenges and how did we approach them? Whether you are a developer, a manager or a tester, come attend this talk to find out how you can kickstart your own community and make it fly.


Tag: 17.03.2021
Anfangszeit: 17:00
Dauer: 00:40
Raum: Quantum 2
Track: Methodology & Culture
Sprache: en



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