Vortrag: Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

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Being able to script my infrastructure is an awesome feature I don’t want to miss anymore. Over three years ago I started with Terraform and I’m still in love, but run through some pain points, as well.

In this session I want to give you an introduction to scripting your infrastructure with Terraform, talking about best practices as well as tips and tricks and what I like & don’t like. I’ll mainly focus on deploying infrastructure to AWS, but Terraform can be used for multiple providers. So let’s explore together how far we can go with IaC - Infrastructure as Code. There will be a live coding part, too, where we deploy a simple website using AWS S3.

This session requires at least basic understanding of Cloud Computing.


Tag: 17.03.2021
Anfangszeit: 15:00
Dauer: 00:40
Raum: Quantum 2
Track: Container, Cloud & Infrastruktur
Sprache: en



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