aiticon GmbH

At aiticon, we’re all about the Internet: as an IT services provider and developer, we create sophisticated web applications, primarily based on appNG – an application platform we have developed in-house and released as open source software. appNG simplifies web application development while significantly reducing your time-to-market, and can be operated as a high-availability, horizontally scalable Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS).

And we also do operations: as a cloud provider, we run our own infrastructure, currently in four data centres based in Frankfurt, Germany and Moscow, Russia. Within these DCs, we implement highly advanced high-availability scenarios for national and international clients on physical and virtual servers that we operate.

The strong vertical integration at aiticon, from software development to service operation and our own network operations, means we always see the big picture – which enables us to create innovative, holistic and customer-oriented solutions.